The Contributors

Here are the people that make this site awesome, in no particular order!


Technicolor Commentary is owned and operated by movieguyjon, who you can find here. He’s very ranty and really really really really dislikes remakes. When he’s not writing for TCC, he’s either writing on his own blog or trying to get some stupid-ass script sold.


MWM doesn’t really know what he can contribute to this site as he doesn’t get out much, sees films long after they’ve been released, and then sporadically at best. He’s retired, from that mitten shaped state, and alternates at seeming whim from snarky to warm fuzzy inducing.

The Amber

The Amber is the result if a sequence of semi-interesting random events older than time itself. Tales of The Amber stretch across the lands, illuminating the hearts of the people and giving them hope that one day they too may spend countless hours watching cartoons and atrociously bad sci-fi.


Aden is a carbon based life form that currently resides in the lone star state. She is a girl of many fandoms, and loyalties. Aden prefers action movies over chick flicks, black and white over color and isn’t afraid of subtitles. One day she is going to be a writer and spend her days writing in her blanket fort.


Robin is a 20 year old student of sociology and psychology who spends way too much time on the Internet and watches film and television instead of talking to girls and doing other normal guy stuff. You can find him on twitter here.