Episode 7: There’s A Snake in my Boot!


And a koala in my necktie!! Not really, though, ’cause that’s impossible. However, I do believe Woody the cowboy doll is truly crying out for help when he broadcasts his snake-to-boot ratio. That’s right, he’s a doll. I said it.

But don’t worry little doll, without your doll-osity we wouldn’t be able to feature you in this week’s episode! It’s a story about toys, and is in fact called Toy Story. Boy, that’s easy to remember. Check this: It just so happens to be the very first feature-length CG-animated film ever in the history of ever. Ah, 1995, when the monarchs at Pixar were merely mud-piling serfs (and perhaps mid-level blacksmithes). So at least Woody’s got that going for him. Too bad his comfy world is about to get shattered when ANOTHER toy shows up to take him down!! Look out Woody, this is much worse than any old snake in the boot! What will he do? You’ll have to watch (re: listen) and find out!!!

Hey partner, don’t forget, our theme is composed by The Wind Whistles. They’re our faaaaaavorite deputies. Make sure to check out their fancy little website 🙂 Also, make sure to set your DVD players to 00:00:00 if you’re following along with the movie…ya varmint. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the first ever CG-animated podcast!! (CG podcast not available in all areas)

Oh, and someone’s poisoned the water hole!!!


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