Review of The Beaver

Directed by: Jodie Foster
Written by: Kyle Killen
Starring: Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, & Anton Yelchin


When I heard the premise for The Beaver a couple years ago, back when the script was at the top of The Black List (a list of the hottest un-produced screenplays floating around Hollywood) I thought “this sounds hilarious!” Fast forward to a few months ago when the trailer drops, and I thought “this looks awful!” When you hear that the movie is about a depressed guy who finds a beaver puppet and starts to talk through it, you think it’s going to have some kind of quirky indie sensibility in the vein of films like Little Miss Sunshine. Actually, The Beaver is a drama first, and a comedy second, and it handles the “gimmick” seriously, with surprisingly good results.

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Diagnosis:Film-Weekend of May 6

Diagnosis:Film-Weekend of May 6

One of the big Marvel releases for the summer is out this weekend, and Rutger Hauer shoots everyone to bloody death. There’s also a dumb romantic comedy and a slew of limited releases that might actually be worth checking out. There’s pretty much something for everyone this weekend, so get your ass out to the local cineplex and watch some films! And then come back here when you’re done and tell us what you thought of the film. Or just tell us what you think now and don’t go see anything. I’m pretty flexible here, people!

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