Doctor Who Recap & Review: The Rebel Flesh

The Doctor, Rory and Amy

Written By: Matthew Graham
Directed By: Julian Simpson


This week sees the beginning of another two-parter, which marks the second for the season and which will be followed by the mid-season cliffhanger. I’m pretty sure this means we’ll all be in a state of agitation until about September when the series resumes. Unfortunately for legal viewers in the US, the BBCA is delaying The Almost People by a week due to projected low numbers on Memorial Day. We’re not going to let that deter us, however, and will have next week’s episode recapped and reviewed as per usual.

Now let’s begin!

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Doctor Who Recap & Review: The Doctor’s Wife

The Doctor and Sexy

Written By: Neil Gaiman
Directed By: Richard Clark


The episode begins with a scrappy bunch lead along a rather pensive young woman named Idris to her doom. They place her upon a pedestal and an Ood emerges to drain her life force from her. Before she dies, she’s told the Doctor will come for her. Meanwhile, the Doctor regales Rory with tales from a previous adventure. He doesn’t get very far when there’s a knock on the door. This wouldn’t be strange except for the fact that they’re in deep space.

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Doctor Who Recap & Review: Day of the Moon

Rory And Amy

Directed By: Toby Haynes
Written By: Steven Moffat


You can be certain of one thing when it comes to a Moffat led two-parter: you’re in for quite a ride. There’s a lot to sum up, so let’s get right into it, shall we?
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