Diagnosis:Film-Weekend of April. 1

Diagnosis:Film-Weekend of April. 1

This weekend we’ve got the jellybean-shitfest that is Hop, the horrifyingly lame Insidious as well as a completely cut up version of The King’s Speech. Source Code is also playing this weekend, which is my personal choice for viewing this weekend. What are you guys seeing? Do any of these films stand out to you? Let us know in the comments!

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AFI Fest 2010: Day 1

I arrived at the Will Call line excessively early, which is to say that I arrived almost two hours before the screenings were supposed to start. Not entirely sure what to do or where to go, I milled around what looked like the Will Call booth. A few people had taken their seats behind the tables and the whole affair looked really fancy. I thought to myself more than once that this AFI Fest was in fact “really fancy.” A security guard walked over and I asked if this was the Will Call line. They said yes, and that I should stay in this area. When a regular pedestrian decided to pass through, the guard’s demeanor changed immediately and they told off the hapless wanderer. Heh.

After a few minutes of waiting, another security guard showed up. This one seemed more knowledgeable. He told those of us in the line that we needed to back up to the Will Call sign which was stationed boldly ten feet behind us. Line chaos ensued and we all reformed back at the new line. Somehow, I maintained the same spot.

Not too long after that I got bored and decided to check in to Foursquare. Noticed that a friend of mine had checked in and was in the nearby area. I texted to say I was waiting in line and they informed me that I was in the wrong one.


We met up at the correct box office and I grabbed my myriad of tickets. The guy behind the desk was nice and made sure to hand me an envelope with my tickets so I could have a safe place to store them all. I’m not a very coordinated individual, so I spent a good chunk of my time between the box office and my first screening trying to get those suckers tucked away.

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