Review of Fast Five

Directed by: Justin Lin
Written by: Chris Morgan, & Gary Scot Thompson (characters)
Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, & Jordana Brewster


Sometimes when you go to see a movie you walk into the theater expecting an emotionally touching plot, snappy intelligent dialogue, and one or two tour de force performances. And sometimes you go to have fun. Fast five definitely qualifies as the latter. Some of you might say “but movies are supposed to be good, not fun” and I would reply “stop being so pretentious and learn to enjoy life.” Fast Five doesn’t try to be high art, it tries to be a car-focused balls-to-the-wall thrill-ride heist action film, and it succeeds entirely. Review with spoilers after the jump.

Fast Five follows the actions of three federal fugitives (Diesel, Walker, Brewster) as they attempt to establish a life in Rio de Janeiro, only to immediately get roped into a visually impressive car heist and become entangled with the most powerful criminal mastermind in Brazil, all while being tracked by “the guy the FBI hires when they want people found (Johnson).” To get their way out of trouble they bring back most of the characters from the past four films, cashing in on the viewer’s nostalgia, to plan “one last job.” Continue reading “Review of Fast Five”

Movie Quote Horoscope: April 4

Movie Quote Horoscope - April 4

This week I’ve decided to start a new game here on Technicolor Commentary. It’s called the Movie Quote Horoscope. I’ve pulled quotes from films based on the characteristics listed in the Western Horoscope. It’s your job to guess who said each quote and what movie the quote is from. Obviously it’s easy to find the answers by looking it up on the web, but if you’re a true quote connoisseur you should be able to get these without having to leave the page.

You can guess the answers in the comments section and I will replace the blanks below with the right answers as you guess them, giving you credit for the guess. Also, feel free to discuss the films mentioned here as they are definitely worth talking about!

Your Movie Quote Horoscope can be found right after the jump!
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Diagnosis: Film-Weekend of Mar. 11

Diagnosis: Film-Weekend of Mar. 11

This weekend there are a lot of interesting films to check out, which is a spike from last week. I still haven’t gotten to Rango from last week yet, which means I’m already behind. Wonderful /sarcasm. The big ones this weekend are Battle: Los Angeles and Mars Needs Moms. If you’re interested in a Twilight’esque Red Riding Hood, that’s available for you as well. It’s directed by the same lady who did the first Twilight film, so it will no doubt be lavish and full of sexually charged youths….and Gary Oldman.

Are you seeing anything this weekend? Did you get a chance to see anything last week? Let us know in the comments. Films after the jump!
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Diagnosis: Film-Weekend of Mar. 4

After a few relatively dry weeks in the film release department, we’re blessed with a bunch of interesting gems this weekend. Highest on my list to see this weekend is The Adjustment Bureau, followed very closely by Rango. I’ve been trying to decide which one I want to see first, but to be honest that’s been a difficult decision. Rango is the first CG animated film I’ve heard about in awhile that doesn’t look the same as all the other ones out there, and it’s directed by Gore Verbinski. But still, The Adjustment Bureau tugs at me. AHHHH. CHOICES!

What are you guys seeing this weekend? Anything good? Any of these? If you aren’t, you should.

Films after the jump.
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Diagnosis: Film-Weekend of Feb. 25

There’s really nothing good out this week except for Heartbeats, which is only playing on one screen. If you’re into The Oscars, there’s that too but it looks to be a fairly predictable ordeal. Do you plan on seeing any of these gems this weekend? How about that Drive Angry, which is shot in glorious 3D?

Actually, you know what? I dare you to see Drive Angry.

Films after the jump

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Diagnosis: Film-Weekend of Feb. 18

There’s not really much of anything worth journeying to the theater for this weekend. If any of these sound remotely interesting to you, let us know in the comments. Maybe there’s a diamond in the rough amongst these that I just couldn’t see in the trailers.

Films after the jump!

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Last Night A Red Envelope Saved My Life

I’ve had dealings with Netflix on and off for the past few years, and I’m an unabashed fan. I’m a shameless devotee of this current cultural trend of convenience, yet I roll my eyes at the iPhone. What’s the big difference I wonder? Well…that’s for another time.

The main reason I really love Netflix is because of how much it’s broadened my cinematic horizons. Inexplicably, I find myself much more open-minded about seeing films I’ve either never had time for or have never even heard of.  Why is  this any different from waltzing down to the video store or using the internet as a bottomless resource of content? It’s not like the commitment is any lighter for Netflix films. With a regular rental store, you can rush on back and huck the DVD through their windows if it sucks. If my Netflix rental sucks, what can I do, toss it at a mailbox?

Somehow I become more open-minded when it comes to seeing movies through this system. In fact, I can attribute almost any random/unorthodox film viewing to Netflix. Is it because they have such a broad selection? Does their incredibly easy selection/recommendation system lower the stress of trying something new? Or maybe we’re just getting spoiled by their instant streaming service.

Input? (Please allow 2 to 4 days delivery for response.)