Review of The Beaver

Directed by: Jodie Foster
Written by: Kyle Killen
Starring: Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, & Anton Yelchin


When I heard the premise for The Beaver a couple years ago, back when the script was at the top of The Black List (a list of the hottest un-produced screenplays floating around Hollywood) I thought “this sounds hilarious!” Fast forward to a few months ago when the trailer drops, and I thought “this looks awful!” When you hear that the movie is about a depressed guy who finds a beaver puppet and starts to talk through it, you think it’s going to have some kind of quirky indie sensibility in the vein of films like Little Miss Sunshine. Actually, The Beaver is a drama first, and a comedy second, and it handles the “gimmick” seriously, with surprisingly good results.

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Quick and Dirty Rental Review: Due Date

Everyone has a list of those actors, you know the ones that you will watch no matter what they put their face in.  One of the actors on my list is Robert Downey Jr.  I love to watch him on the screen, mostly because when I see him he’s never Roberty Downey Jr as some guy. He *is* that guy.
And in the case of Due Date he is Peter Highman, a man who is trying to get across the country in time for the birth of his baby.  What follows is a cross country buddy picture that hasn’t been done this good since Steven Martin let John Candy know those are not pillows.  Yep, I brought up Plains, Trains and Automobiles. Not because I think Due Date was trying to be that movie, but because I thought Due Date was a great homage to what was done years ago.
Plain and simple, I laughed my ass off during this movie.  Zach Galifianakis and Roberty Downey Jr had a great straight/absurd dynamic going on, and I loved the subdued level of Galifianakis’ absurd.  I am not exactly sure *why* I find him so funny, but I do.  There was also a damn funny scene with Danny McBride who for me never disappoints.
There were some moments I could have done without. There were some touching/cute moments, and there were moments that we had to pause because I was laughing so hard I could not breathe. And what is strange about comedy movies is how subjective comedy is. Either you get it, or you don’t. What is funny to you might not be funny to me. Due Date was really funny to me.

Quick and Dirty Rental Review: The Losers

My boyfriend described The Losers to me as “a more serious version of The A Team”.    I think that suits this movie quite well.  Seriously kick ass, and awesome also work in a pinch.

This movie has everything you really need in an action film.   Guns, things blowing up, sex with a hot girl and fantastically written one liners.   It also helps that there is some seriously messed up and fun characters. (Jason Patric’s character is great) There are some great scenes I could tell you about, but I don’t want to ruin them.    It is your standard not so good triumphing over evil but done in a really good way.

Now this is based on a comic that I have not had the pleasure to read. So I am not sure if this really does the comic any justice.  Maybe someone can weigh in on this matter, but I will say it  makes me want to read the comic.   I am very happy I rented this, but kind of wish I saw it in the theater instead.

Episode 14: Death to Infidels

We’re back! This week we’re on the hunt…for a big purple rhino…named Smoochy. That shouldn’t surprise you, since that’s the motivation for just about every character in this week’s movie, Death to Smoochy. Danny DeVito directed this ramshackle comedy with more brutish tones and violence than 27 prison riots. But that’s what they call “black comedy”. So it’s funny, right?

What could be so horrible about a kind-hearted man wanting to spread messages of love, respect, proper eating habits, and respecting one’s step dad…all while donning a huge purple rhino outfit? Teach us, Edward Norton! It’s like behind-the-scenes at Sesame Street for adults, no? Well, for better and for worse. I failed to mention the Nazi rally and the murders. Oh, the murders. A little intrigued? Well, you should be you puffy rhinoceros! Listen in, and you’ll leave with a wonderful insider’s perspective of the world of children’s television. We certainly feel more enlightened.

You know what else is enlightening? Our new theme music, courtesy of Chewbaska. They’re noticeably less corrupt than the average children’s TV show host.

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Episode 10: Monkey Flashback Incorporated


There comes a time in a person’s life when he or she needs to come to terms with their past. That time came for dem TCC boyz with the screening of this film, Being John Malkovich. It is with great, newly found clarity that we present episode 10, filled with life affirming humor and warmth.

Although, I find this film more dark and depressing that any form of humor. Well, for the most part.

I’m rambling.

By the way, we got new intro music by Chewbaska. It’s good, because it’s ska. And everyone likes ska.

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Episode 7: There’s A Snake in my Boot!


And a koala in my necktie!! Not really, though, ’cause that’s impossible. However, I do believe Woody the cowboy doll is truly crying out for help when he broadcasts his snake-to-boot ratio. That’s right, he’s a doll. I said it.

But don’t worry little doll, without your doll-osity we wouldn’t be able to feature you in this week’s episode! It’s a story about toys, and is in fact called Toy Story. Boy, that’s easy to remember. Check this: It just so happens to be the very first feature-length CG-animated film ever in the history of ever. Ah, 1995, when the monarchs at Pixar were merely mud-piling serfs (and perhaps mid-level blacksmithes). So at least Woody’s got that going for him. Too bad his comfy world is about to get shattered when ANOTHER toy shows up to take him down!! Look out Woody, this is much worse than any old snake in the boot! What will he do? You’ll have to watch (re: listen) and find out!!!

Hey partner, don’t forget, our theme is composed by The Wind Whistles. They’re our faaaaaavorite deputies. Make sure to check out their fancy little website 🙂 Also, make sure to set your DVD players to 00:00:00 if you’re following along with the movie…ya varmint. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the first ever CG-animated podcast!! (CG podcast not available in all areas)

Oh, and someone’s poisoned the water hole!!!


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Episode 6: Is That Peter Jackson?


Hey ho, let’s go. To New Zealand. Because my choice this week is Peter Jackson’s opus, Bad Taste. Forget King Kong and Lord of the Rings, THIS is the definitive Peter Jackson film. Well, actually, Dead Alive is, but I don’t have that on DVD so we had to settle for this delicious skull of brains of a film.

Keep your ears open for our desperate attempts to recognize the director. He’s in there somewhere, and when we find him, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Indeed.

Our theme is composed by The Wind Whistles. This are as good as an exploding seagull under your bum. I suggest you set your movie at 00:00:00 when starting the podcast. If not, well… I will make intergalactic hamburgers out of you, you bloody wanker.

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Episode 4: Don’t Cha Know?

Sup ya’ll? Me? Just hanging.

So, it’s Friday, and as is the procedure, it is the release of another doped out and beautified episode of Technicolor Commentary. This week we are taking a trip down to the wonderful world of beauty pageants with the 1999 film “Drop Dead Gorgeous”. It’s dope.

Yep. Lots of dope this week. This one time, someone called me a dope. I was crushed.

Oh ok, so @movieguyjon picked this one out. It’s a fun mockumentary. He wanted me to tell you to sync up your DVD to 00:00:00 so we can all party together.

Lastly, thanks to The Wind Whistles for their song “Where Does the Garbage Go?”, which is our current opening theme. Check them out. You’ll be glad you did.

And now, by golly by gosh, episode 4 of Technicolor Commentary.


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Episoad Too: Duum and Dumbr

Hey there, film fans! It’s the end of the week and things are looking up! That’s why we’re here to bring you the second episode in Technicolor Commentary. There’ll be laughter, tears, and perhaps some lost IQ along the way. This week’s film is Dumb and Dumber, and the DVD is the first edition, which comes in the cardboard DVD cover that I hate so frickin’ much. Since it’s an “oldie” there’s no menu so it just jumps right into the film. If you’re syncing this up with the movie, be sure to sync it to 00:00:00 and you should be good to go.

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And now, without further delay, episoad too uv teknicoler cumentairy.


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