Dance By Number

So I finally got around to watching Burlesque the other day.  I had been interested in seeing it when it came out because I am drawn to musicals in a dangerous way, but I ended up completely forgetting about it by the time it hit theatres. One thing that perplexes me is that most of the reviews I saw about the movie were either treating it like it beat them up in middle school or they have a shrine to it in their closet.

An extended music video helmed by the dude who played Troy in The Goonies, this is a paint by numbers affair which is watchable but not very memorable. I thoroughly enjoy seeing Christina and Cher belt out tunes. Unfortunately, I’m not in any kind of hurry to acquire this soundtrack. As soon as the songs were over, I had forgotten them.

This whole movie was like watching a form of instant drink mix. I don’t need to mention the story, because you would forget it in 5 minutes anyway. It wasn’t fine wine, but it wasn’t water. It was great to have running in the background while I was doing other stuff. If you are a musical fiend, then add it to the list, but don’t hurt yourself otherwise.

This movie is just neither good nor bad enough to warrant an extreme reaction, no matter how hard they tried in the promos to make it look like it was a more substantial film. If there were a Phoning It In Awards, Burlesque would have cleaned up.