Commercials: Let’s Look Between The Lines

I was going to start this off by quoting a Minutemen song called “Shit From An Old Notebook”, but the quote would be only marginally relevant. Commercials, or adverts for you Brits, send out messages. This we all know. The message is usually, “Hey, buy this and you will be happy / get laid / be super cool / fight the terrorists / stimulate the economy / lose weight”, or something along those lines.

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Watchmen Review (The Tolerant One)

Is it obligatory to begin a Watchmen review with my personal connection to the story? Let’s err on the side of safety: All I’ve ever learned about Watchmen has been within the past year. I’d heard grumblings from the hyped-up film world (negative ones, to be sure) and the very first trailer preceding The Dark Knight. I’ll be honest and say I picked up the book a few months before the film was released, but only to educate myself so I wouldn’t be lost during the film (but I’m sure there are hundreds of thousands of Americans who can say the same). I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and really tried to immerse myself in the little details. All the while, however, I was thinking about how certain scenes were going to play out in the movie. The book for me was, above all else, a primer.

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Watchmen Review (The Outsider One)

I saw the Watchmen movie a week ago and was for the most part unimpressed. But let’s take a few steps back and gets some backstory, shall we? Truth be told, I’ve never read the graphic novel. I’ve leafed through it a few times in the bookstores and read up on it on wikipedia, but that’s basically the extent of my immersion in the universe created by Alan Moore. I just never had all that much interest in reading the book, which was expounded by the fact that V for Vendetta was kind of a dud for me. And then the film itself came out and was even more of a dud. So, when I heard that Zack “slo-mo-but-speed-up” Snyder was directing the new film, I wrote the whole thing off. End of flashback.

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Episode 3: Where’s Bridget?


What’s up? How’s the family? Good? Good.

So… Uh.. This week is a cartoon. It’s called “An American Tail” by Don Bluth. We talk about it, and you guys listen, and enjoy. It’s a doozy. Pay special attention, as the episode’s title will make more than one appearance over the course of the episode. As always, you can sync our commentary to the movie. We give a little countdown after the introduction to help you out. Here’s a hint: you might want to set the DVD to 00:00:00. *winks*

Here’s a testimonial from someone who set their DVD up prior to the start of the episode: “Setting up the DVD was the best thing I could have done. Not only  was I able to be properly synced up, I also found 20 bucks in the DVD tray! Thanks TCC. Thanks.”

The Wind Whistles is a lovely band and they have quite the album. Their song “Where Does the Garbage Go?” is our current opening theme. Check them out. You’ll be glad you did.

And now, without further delay, episode 3 of Technicolor Commentary.


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Watchmen Review (The Bitter One)

OK, so let me just start by saying, yes, I am a hypocrite. I said I was never going to see this film, I said it was going to suck, I said it was just Hollywood BS. I read the comic, loved it, and caved in. I saw the movie. Was I right? Kind of. Let’s discuss. Or rather, I’ll tell you my thoughts, and you can read them. Or not. We can still be friends.

So, let’s talk about the good first. The movie is very faithful to the source material. Sure, there are a few changes, but for the most part, we get much of what Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons had put together way back in the 80s. We get spot on origin stories. We get a nearly exact plot. We get dialog and compositions straight out of the comics.

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Episoad Too: Duum and Dumbr

Hey there, film fans! It’s the end of the week and things are looking up! That’s why we’re here to bring you the second episode in Technicolor Commentary. There’ll be laughter, tears, and perhaps some lost IQ along the way. This week’s film is Dumb and Dumber, and the DVD is the first edition, which comes in the cardboard DVD cover that I hate so frickin’ much. Since it’s an “oldie” there’s no menu so it just jumps right into the film. If you’re syncing this up with the movie, be sure to sync it to 00:00:00 and you should be good to go.

Our theme song (for now) is brought to you by The Wind Whistles. Check them out and buy their shit!

And now, without further delay, episoad too uv teknicoler cumentairy.


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Download Issues

If you’re having difficulties getting ahold of the first episode of TCC, never fear! I’m working on moving the episode over to a more reliable hosting and podcasting site. It seems as if the wordpress plugin is causing troubles with the feed and making it difficult to download over itunes. So bear with us as we fix this issue and you’ll be on your way to enjoying Technicolor goodness faster than you can say blueberry pie.

The Pilot: That’s So Veerhoven

Robocop Title

It’s with warm smiles and open arms that we welcome you to the inaugural episode of Technicolor Commentary. We’re a podcast of three guys who like film and all graduated from film school. In short, we think we have something to say. Our podcast is set up so it can either be synced up to the film we’re watching, or it can be listened to on it’s own, ala most other podcasts. Please bear with us as we perfect our technique, as we’re figuring this stuff out too!

Our theme song (for now) is brought to you by The Wind Whistles. Check them out and buy their shit!

So, let’s get to downloading the first episode of TCC EVAR!


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Welcome To Technicolor Commentary

Truth of the matter is, people like to talk during movies. Someone said once (don’t care who) that a good film warrants discussion. Well, we here at Technicolor Commentary beg to differ…a little. All film warrants discussion and that’s where we come in. We gather every week and discuss a movie of our choosing and try to gain a better insight into each others’ method of absorbing film. But don’t take my word for it! Check back with the site tomorrow at noon CST to see what we mean!