Doctor Who Recap & Review: Day of the Moon

Rory And Amy

Directed By: Toby Haynes
Written By: Steven Moffat


You can be certain of one thing when it comes to a Moffat led two-parter: you’re in for quite a ride. There’s a lot to sum up, so let’s get right into it, shall we?
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Doctor Who Recap & Review: The Impossible Astronaut

The Impossible Astronaut


Directed By: Toby Haynes
Written By: Steven Moffat

It’s safe to say that most of us here at Technicolor Commentary are big fans of the BBC sci-fi romp Doctor Who. Last year, Steven Moffat took over the reigns from Russell T. Davies and made perhaps one of the better seasons yet, following closely behind season three (TCC opinions may vary). This year Moffat starts the first episode of the new season off with a bang…literally.
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So I’m a pretty committed Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan, and I’m very happy to see that the show’s cult status is remaining strong, if not growing. I think that’s partially due to the advent of DVDs, where you can easily fit four 90-minute episodes into an affordable set. Way back when, they were harder to come by, since they only released a select few on VHS and you were lucky to get 3 in a pack…and they weren’t cheap. So hurrah for the wider availability of MST3K on home format.

This week they released Volume XV (That’s 15, kiddos) to the world. I’m quite surprised they’re already up to this number, considering the sets don’t come out too often and they haven’t been releasing them for very long. How time flies. And my one gripe about these sets really shows through in the latest release: There really doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of rationale behind WHICH movies they chose to include in the set. My one theory is that they try to choose an episode from each era of the show. Well, I’ll assume most other fans are like myself in saying you’d be hard-pressed to like the episodes from each era. The show evolved quite a bit over time, mostly for the better, so I’d assume no one really wants to see something from season 1. Feels like I’d kinda be buying 4 DVDs to see 2 of them, which is why I really haven’t bought too many of these collections. Eh, but who knows? MST fans are an interesting and unpredictable lot sometimes.

Regardless, if you haven’t really checked this show out before, now’s a good a place to start as any. Far be it from me to be too harsh on what’s most likely my favorite television show. 🙂

Bloody Hell or Bloody Brilliant or Both

Unless you’ve been sleeping in a coffin this whole time, you’ll no doubt know about the season premiere of True Blood last week. Being a fan of the first season, I tuned in through my devious ways and got re-acclimated with the world of Sookie Stackhouse and her vampire pals. In fact, the season premiere picked up right where the last season left off, with the death of a certain individual who may or may not have been Lafayette. From the outset, the “gang” deals with this death in their own way and we get a basic idea of where the season is headed.

A lot of the internet has reacted favorably to the first episode, and I’m not going to sing that different of a tune. I’ll definitely be checking in every week and you should too if you haven’t already. There’s blood, gore and tons of sex to satisfy everything you need out of a vampire television series. Oh, and there’s other stuff like story and character development if you’re into that too!

Episode 2 airs tonight, so if you haven’t already, you best start watching the first season. You’ll be glad you did.

Fringe Renewed For A Second Season

I wasn’t entirely sure, going into Fringe, that it would get picked up for a full season, or that it would deserve to. The first few episodes were kind of weak, and the “monster of the week” routine got kind of stale. Once the show started hitting it’s stride, however, I fully got on board. And now, I’m pretty much at the edge of my seat, desperately waiting for more. Well, as it turns out, the show has been renewed for a second season.

Hurray! 🙂