Diagnosis: Film-Weekend of Mar. 25

Diagnosis: Film-Weekend of Mar. 25

This weekend there’s Sucker Punch, Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 and a bunch of other films that you probably won’t be able to see because they’re all playing on too few screens. There’s also a film about a dysfunctional family that promises to be funny, but it has Sarah Silverman in it and I am not that big of a fan of her work in general. I dunno, folks. This is probably one of those weekends where I catch up with the films I’ve missed from the previous weeks. What say you? What are you watching this weekend?

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Knowing is One Big Spoiler Alert

Ice Age 2

Over the course of doing my “Diagnosis:Film” posts, I’ve seen quite a few movies. And by that I just mean I’ve seen their fully-spoilerific trailers. It seems like these days a trailer needs to give you every beat from the upcoming film, and it needs to spoil almost anything that might have dragged your butt into your local multiplex. The first example that comes to mind is the Iron Man 2 trailer, which shows perhaps the only awesome scene in the movie in which Tony Stark pulls out a travel-sized Iron Man suit and uses it to kick Mickey Rourke’s (played by Mickey Rourke) ass. Wouldn’t that have been quite the pleasant surprise? You expect to get your standard fare Iron Man action, but this blindsides you out of nowhere.


The moment I saw that trailer, I realized I had seen all the best bits. And it’s true, all that was left were the uninteresting dialog moments and the forced chemistry between RDJ and GP. But I digress. Trailers have a terrible habit of giving you everything they can to try and get you into the seat, when perhaps the teaser trailer was more than enough.

Here are 10 teaser trailers that I thought best proved that you don’t need to get all the best bits into the trailer to make the film look interesting. Granted, there are probably more out there, but these were easily my favorites.

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Diagnosis: Film-Weekend of Mar. 18

Diagnosis: Film-Weekend of Mar. 18

This week looks to be a slightly less interesting week than the previous, with the big contender being Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper, and Paul, starring Seth Rogan’s voice and two guys who need to go back to working with Edgar Wright. Do any of these films grab you as something you absolutely MUST see, or is it all just rental fodder? I’d love to hear from any New York people who might get a chance to see Bill Cunningham New York.

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Diagnosis: Film-Weekend of Mar. 11

Diagnosis: Film-Weekend of Mar. 11

This weekend there are a lot of interesting films to check out, which is a spike from last week. I still haven’t gotten to Rango from last week yet, which means I’m already behind. Wonderful /sarcasm. The big ones this weekend are Battle: Los Angeles and Mars Needs Moms. If you’re interested in a Twilight’esque Red Riding Hood, that’s available for you as well. It’s directed by the same lady who did the first Twilight film, so it will no doubt be lavish and full of sexually charged youths….and Gary Oldman.

Are you seeing anything this weekend? Did you get a chance to see anything last week? Let us know in the comments. Films after the jump!
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Diagnosis: Film-Weekend of Mar. 4

After a few relatively dry weeks in the film release department, we’re blessed with a bunch of interesting gems this weekend. Highest on my list to see this weekend is The Adjustment Bureau, followed very closely by Rango. I’ve been trying to decide which one I want to see first, but to be honest that’s been a difficult decision. Rango is the first CG animated film I’ve heard about in awhile that doesn’t look the same as all the other ones out there, and it’s directed by Gore Verbinski. But still, The Adjustment Bureau tugs at me. AHHHH. CHOICES!

What are you guys seeing this weekend? Anything good? Any of these? If you aren’t, you should.

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Diagnosis: Film-Weekend of Feb. 25

There’s really nothing good out this week except for Heartbeats, which is only playing on one screen. If you’re into The Oscars, there’s that too but it looks to be a fairly predictable ordeal. Do you plan on seeing any of these gems this weekend? How about that Drive Angry, which is shot in glorious 3D?

Actually, you know what? I dare you to see Drive Angry.

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Diagnosis: Film-Weekend of Feb. 18

There’s not really much of anything worth journeying to the theater for this weekend. If any of these sound remotely interesting to you, let us know in the comments. Maybe there’s a diamond in the rough amongst these that I just couldn’t see in the trailers.

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Diagnosis: Film-Weekend of Feb. 11

This weekend sees an interesting mix of films, a few of which I would see. Of course, there’s also a lot of crap this week as well, and I’ve documented it below for your benefit. What are you planning on seeing this weekend? Are you going out to the theaters or just queuing up your Netflix instead? Let us know in the comments!

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Diagnosis: Film-Weekend of Feb. 4

If there ever was a week to catch up on your Neflix queue, this would be it. Seriously, I couldn’t find anything out of this week’s offerings I was even remotely interested in making a trek out to the theaters for. But see, that’s okay. A lot of cool new stuff came out on DVD and Instant Watch and I’m kind of stoked about catching up!

What about you? What are you planning on watching this weekend? Is it any of these films? Is it something else? Give a shout out in the comments section.

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Diagnosis: Film–Weekend of Jan. 28

This week seems like it’s another one of those “catch up on older films I haven’t seen” weeks. Sure, The Mechanic sounds like a popcorn riot and Biutiful looks to crush the very fiber of your soul. I’m just not all THAT anxious to see any of these this weekend. Your mileage may vary, however. Do any of these look watchable to you? Let us know in the comments! As always, you can click on the poster or the title to go straight to the trailer.

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