Calling All Writers…and Stuff

A Scene From Ghost World For No Reason

Do you like film? Do you obsessively watch television shows and want to discuss them with your friends at length? Are you a webseries junkie? Do you like comic books and do you derive excessive pleasure from deconstructing them? If you answered yes to any of these questions (or if you wish to point out how I forgot to mention music) we want you to write for us!

Technicolor Commentary is in search of more writers to fill out the ranks. We’re interested in people with a varied and unique perspective along all media types and who want to generate discussion. If you feel up to the challenge, fire off an email to with the following info:

– A brief bit about yourself
– Where you can be found online
– Your area of interest (film, television, music, comics, webseries, etc.)
– A writing sample

The perks? Your name will be featured on every post you write, with a link back to your blog or any site of your choosing. You will also earn my undying appreciation, which might one day be useful. And since we’re a relatively young blog, you’ll able to get in on the ground floor. That HAS to count for something, right?

So what are you waiting for? Fire off an email and begin your journey with TCC…and…yeah. Stuff.

Battle Royale: Young Jeff Bridges vs. Young Neil

Welcome to a sophomore as well as sophomoric edition of Battle Royale. This time I come at you with a curveball: Young Jeff Bridges or Young Neil? It’s up to you to decide which one is the better and on what merits. Personally, I think Young Neil wins, but just by a hair. There’s no denying that the youthful Mr. Bridges was a great actor, but Neil is sort of an enigma wrapped in a mystery.

What say you?

Battle Royale: Martha vs. Donna

This week I want to bring a new series of posts to the TCC table in which two figures in fiction are pitted against each other in a battle royale of nits and picks. Who wins is pretty much determined by whoever

argues better. To start things off, I figured I would pit two Doctor Who titans against each other: Martha and Donna!

Personally, I find Donna atrocious based on the acting choices of Catharine Tate and despite all the good Donna as a character does for the Doctor, the fact that it’s Tate ruins the whole thing for me. In fact, Martha did a much better job at trying to dig at the Doctor’s wall and managed to not be shrill or “just another hottie.”

What say you?