Author Spotlight: Al Boudreau

The next author spotlight features Al Boudreau ,who is a great supporter of self published authors online. Seriously, this is the guy you want in your corner. He is motivating, kind and helpful.  Oh, and he writes a pretty damn gripping novel.

He took time out from being awesome and writing, to answer some questions for me.

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Author Spotlight: Jarrett Rush

Welcome to the first of what I hope will be an ongoing situation here at TCC.  I would like to start spotlighting some of the self published authors that I have been reading and meeting on the internet.  To let you get to know them, and help them get the word out about their books.



One of the first self- published ebooks I picked up for my Kindle was the novella Chasing Filthy Lucre by Jarrett Rush.  It was a really great and entertaining read.  I love the gritty, cyberpunk feel to it, and it has a great pace.  I have been getting to know Jarrett a little through the Twitter based writing group #pubwrite.   Being the stand-up fellow that he is, he agreed to answer some questions for me.

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Quick and Dirty Rental Review: I Spit On Your Grave (remake)

Generally I am not a big fan of remakes, because usually the original vision is lost and it never quite adds up. I will sometimes make exceptions for horror movies.  I think because the methods used for making the scary gory stuff has changed a bit, and more can be done.  There have been some pretty good remakes over the years. One of my favorites being The Hills Have Eyes. And of course there were some remakes that should never have been done, such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Horror has been a favorite genre of mine for a very long time. I treat horror movies much like sex and pizza.  (Even if it’s bad…etc…etc)  Generally I don’t turn them down, although as I have gotten older the gore just isn’t that fun anymore and I am not a big fan of torture porn. (read: Saw)

I decided to use my free monthly Redbox rental and pick up I Spit On Your Grave, the remake. I had no idea it was remade, and was a bit shocked to see it. Since I loved the original so much, I figured why not.  I went into this movie not expecting much at all, I was putting a pretty big wager on the fact it was going to suck. I was pleasantly surprised.  There were a few points where it got a little draggy.  And at the end it was straight up torture porn, there are quite a few cringe “Oh my god” moments.  But I am glad I took the chance, it was an entertaining slasher movie.


Quick and Dirty Rental Review: How Do You Know

It might be a good idea to consider this more a warning than a review. Look, I like Paul Rudd. I like Jack Nicholson. I can even tolerate Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson.  That being said How Do You Know was pretty awful.
(and let me be honest on this one, I didn’t really watch the whole thing. In fact I am not even sure how it ended. I checked out pretty quick.)
This movie was just one big ball of awkward. None of the actors seemed like they were really comfortable in their roles, or with each other. Some of the dialogue and pacing was just rotten.  It felt like they were just all showing up for the paycheck.  Reese Witherspoon’s character was really annoying. I mean wow, really annoying. I stopping caring about her after about ten minutes.  And if this was supposed to be a comedy, I was kind of failing to see the funny.  If there were jokes, I totally missed them.
There were parts of the movie that I just had no freaking idea what was going on. In fact I couldn’t even figure out where the basic steps of the romcom came and went. It’s as if the director just threw up his hands and said “Pfff we don’t need no stinking formula. Everyone just run around willy nilly.”
(now it could have wrapped up nicely in the usual romcom way but I am not sure.)
Through all of that negativity I did find Annie played by Kathryn Hahn to be a fun character. The parts of it where she was involved were enjoyable.  And I did like the blind date scene between Paul Rudd and Reese Witherspoon. Of course part of that might be because they didn’t say a word.
Just skip this one kids, I am sure another big casted romcom is right around the corner.

Quick and Dirty Rental Review: Due Date

Everyone has a list of those actors, you know the ones that you will watch no matter what they put their face in.  One of the actors on my list is Robert Downey Jr.  I love to watch him on the screen, mostly because when I see him he’s never Roberty Downey Jr as some guy. He *is* that guy.
And in the case of Due Date he is Peter Highman, a man who is trying to get across the country in time for the birth of his baby.  What follows is a cross country buddy picture that hasn’t been done this good since Steven Martin let John Candy know those are not pillows.  Yep, I brought up Plains, Trains and Automobiles. Not because I think Due Date was trying to be that movie, but because I thought Due Date was a great homage to what was done years ago.
Plain and simple, I laughed my ass off during this movie.  Zach Galifianakis and Roberty Downey Jr had a great straight/absurd dynamic going on, and I loved the subdued level of Galifianakis’ absurd.  I am not exactly sure *why* I find him so funny, but I do.  There was also a damn funny scene with Danny McBride who for me never disappoints.
There were some moments I could have done without. There were some touching/cute moments, and there were moments that we had to pause because I was laughing so hard I could not breathe. And what is strange about comedy movies is how subjective comedy is. Either you get it, or you don’t. What is funny to you might not be funny to me. Due Date was really funny to me.

Quick and Dirty Music Review: The Pauses – A Cautionary Tale

Here’s a little disclaimer: I don’t know jack shit about indie rock. I don’t follow too many current music trends. I don’t know who is hip or cool or “right now” and I generally don’t care. I am not so much picky, but strange about the music I let into my ears.

That being said let me tell you about a little band from Orlando, Florida. The Pauses are an indierocktronica trio who’s debut album A Cautionary Tale came out this month. Is it good? Well, while I am writing this I am on my third listen, if that says anything. But there is more to say.

The thing that stands out the most for me is the clever hooks, the range of varied sounds and how it all falls together into an intricate pattern of goodness. There is just enough of each element. The melodies are memorable, and I promise there is a little surprise in each song.

I’d love to tell you what my favorite track is, but I can’t. I really love them all. I am really excited to be seeing them live on the 19th.

Do yourself a favor and pick up A Cautionary Tale. (also available on iTunes and at Amazon)

Quick & Dirty Rental Review: The Last Lovecraft-The Relic of Cthulhu

Remember staying up late at night on the weekends when you were in middle school so you could see the cheesy B horror movies?  The ones with the big chested girls, the really funny lines and the horrible special effects. Movies so bad they were bad ass.
The Last Lovecraft: The Relic of Cthulhu is that bad ass movie.  Now please don’t miss understand, this is not a big budget picture with good acting and special effects.  This is a bunch of guys that got together to have fun and make a movie. And you can tell that is what they are out to do, have fun.

I will say though, some of the creature make up is pretty damn cool, and there are some seriously funny lines. Also I really liked the little animation they pulled off to give a little old ones history. If you are a Lovecraft fan worth your salt you will check out this movie and enjoy the hell out of it.

( But if my words can’t convince you, then check out the trailer.)

Quick and Dirty Rental Review: The Losers

My boyfriend described The Losers to me as “a more serious version of The A Team”.    I think that suits this movie quite well.  Seriously kick ass, and awesome also work in a pinch.

This movie has everything you really need in an action film.   Guns, things blowing up, sex with a hot girl and fantastically written one liners.   It also helps that there is some seriously messed up and fun characters. (Jason Patric’s character is great) There are some great scenes I could tell you about, but I don’t want to ruin them.    It is your standard not so good triumphing over evil but done in a really good way.

Now this is based on a comic that I have not had the pleasure to read. So I am not sure if this really does the comic any justice.  Maybe someone can weigh in on this matter, but I will say it  makes me want to read the comic.   I am very happy I rented this, but kind of wish I saw it in the theater instead.

Quick & Dirty Film Review: The Mechanic

Let me be honest right from the start, put Jason Statham in a movie and you are putting my ass in a seat.  He may never win an an Oscar but I am not going to see a movie to watch him spout dramatic monologue while looking pensive.  I am going to see him be crafty, smart mouthed and kick a lot of ass.  (Although he does do pensive kind of well in a hardened action start kind of way)

The Mechanic delivers this nicely to me and I get the  chance to see Ben Foster in a movie. Now there is a guy wh

o knows how to play broken immoral sociopaths. His performance in this movie was pretty good. One of the things I really liked about The Mechanic was the look.  A lot of it looks like they went back to 1972 (the year the original Charles Bronson movie was released)  to film it and it made it a lot more entertaining for me to watch.

Look this isn’t a cinematic blockbuster, it’s not a five star, ten star affair. It probably won’t even get past 50% freshness. It’s an  action movie with plot holes the size of Texas, lots of gun fire, very graphic violence and naked time with a hot girl. Oh yeah most importantly, shit blows up.

What more could a girl ask for?