About Us

Here’s the scoop. Technicolor Commentary is a media blog that covers everything from film to television to music and everything else in between. See all those categories up at the top? Yep. We cover that. If it’s not up there, we probably cover it too and the editor just hasn’t gotten around to adding it. Oh. You want an official list? Fine.

We cover: Anime, Books, Comics, Film, Music, Television, Video Games and Webseries.

Seeing as we’re still kind of a young blog, we don’t have a lot of content in these categories yet and that’s where you come in. Technicolor Commentary is in search of more writers to fill out the ranks. We’re interested in people with a varied and unique perspective and who want to generate discussion. If you feel up to the challenge, fire off an email to tccommentary@gmail.com with the following info:

– A brief bit about yourself
– Where you can be found online
– Your area of interest (film, television, music, comics, webseries, etc.)
– A writing sample that best shows off your writing abilities and the type of content you’d be interested in writing for us.

The perks? Your name will be featured on every post you write, with a link back to your blog or any site of your choosing. You will also earn my undying appreciation, which might one day be useful. That HAS to count for something, right?