Game of Thrones Recap & Review: The Wolf and The Lion

Directed by: Brian Kirk
Written by: David Benioff & D.B. Weiss


The Wolf and The Lion opens in King’s Landing, following Eddard as he checks on Lord Vail, who is getting the massive hole in his neck sewn up, but who still looks dead. There is another joust, this time between Lord Gregor, and the newly introduced Sir Lloris, a.k.a Knight of the Flowers. Sir Lloris tricks Lord Gregor’s horse, which enrages Lord Gregor. Proving you wouldn’t like him when he’s mad, Lord Gregor decapitates his own horse, and then attacks Sir Lloris. The Hound steps in to protect Sir Lloris, and ends up duelling his own brother until King Robert yells to make them stop.

Meanwhile, on The Eastern Road, Catelyn Stark and the captured Tyrion Lannister ride toward The Vale, where Catelyn’s sister now rules after the death of Jon Arryn. They are attacked by bandits, and Tyrion saves Catelyn’s life by slamming the point of a shield into a bandit’s face a half dozen times.

Up in Winterfell, Bran is taking geography lessons and is upset that his mother is gone, and Theon Greyjoy, whose family was very powerful before a failed rebellion attempt, and now serves the Starks, spends quality time with the most popular whore in The North.

Back to King’s Landing, Arya is chasing a cute little kitten. A bald eunuch, Lord Veris, comes to Eddard and tells him that King Robert is doomed without his help. He also says what poison was used to kill Jon Arryn and suggests Arryn’s former squire is guilty. We see Arya still chasing a cute little kitten, where she stumbles across a dragon’s skull, and has to hide in it while some people pass by. She doesn’t see them, but the two people are Lord Veris and the man who was hosting Viserys Targaryen across The Narrow Sea. Arya overhears them talking about killing Eddard. Since you can’t have enough bald eunuch, he is focused on in the next scene as well, talking to Lord Baelish, basically threatening each other because they know each other’s secrets. Arya tells Eddard what happened, right before a Night’s Watchman shows up to tell Eddard that his wife has taken Tyrion into custody.

"That fotress looks like a giant phallus..."

Meanwhile, on The Eastern Road, Catelyn is met by a knight of The Vale, and escorted into a giant cliff-top fortress, about which someone says it’s impregnable. The badass in the group, who we saw kill plenty of bandits single-handedly, replies “give me 10 good men and some climbing spikes and i’ll impregnate the bitch.”

Back to King’s Landing again, there is an important council meeting where King Robert tells Eddard that he has it on good authority (Sir Jorah) that Daenerys Targaryen is pregnant with Khal Drogo’s son, and he wants both Targaryens and the unborn child killed. Eddard strongly suggests they not follow that course of action for moral reasons, but Robert insists, and they get into an argument. Eddard refuses to do it, questions the manhood of the king, and ends up resigning as Hand of the King. As he is preparing to leave for Winterfell, Lord Baelish tells him he will bring him to see the last person who spoke to Jon Arryn alive.

Over at the impregnable fortress, we see Catelyn’s sister, who is certifiably crazy, and her son who is definitely too old to be breastfeeding doing exactly that. She is saying bad things about Tyrion, and quite upset Catelyn brought him. Catelyn ends up saying she does not want Tyrion harmed, so he is thrown in a dungeon instead.

Back to King’s Landing for the final time, we see Lord Renley, one of the other councilmen, brother to King Robert, and fourth in line to the throne, being gay with the Knight of the Flowers. Sir Lloris wants Renley to be king. King Robert speaks with his wife, and tells her that they are all hopeless if the Dothraki make it across the narrow sea en masse. We see Eddard speaking to the last person who spoke to Arryn alive, a whore who mothered another bastard child of King Robert. He reaches the conclusion that Arryn was checking in on or tracking down all of King Robert’s bastard sons before he was killed. As Eddard tries to leave the brothel, he is confronted by Jamie Lannister and surrounded by all of his men. Eddard says Tyrion was taken on his order, and then a fight happens. A couple of Eddard’s guards are killed, then Eddard and Jamie duel, and Eddard is speared in the leg from behind. Then Jamie and his men just leave.

"Fight me! Or are you not manly enough to take on 15 guys at once?"

As for my review, three words: Oh. My. God. That was incredible. Everything that was lacking about the last few episodes was here and in spades. It was such a manly episode that there were three fight scenes, a girl got mistaken for a boy, twice, we got to see Greyjoy’s penis, and two men were gay with each other. In addition to the awesome action scenes, there was as much plot crammed in here as any other episode.

Knowing that Tyrion is not to blame for the attempt on Bran’s life, it is frightening to see him in such dire circumstances, and it seems much more likely that bad things will happen to him before good. We also find out that a plot is afoot from within King’s Landing to facilitate a change of power by use of Dothraki force. Eddard is following in the footsteps of Arryn’s investigation, and we find out what he was doing. The main question now is why? Why was Arryn tracking down King Robert’s bastard sons?

This episode managed to satisfy a lot of what was promised by the past episodes, most notably the duel between Eddard and Jamie, while also foreshadowing more in the future. I have a feeling that the Lord Gregor – The Hound plot has not been resolved fully, and Lord Renley and Sir Lloris would not have had such a prominent scene if at least one of them wasn’t going to play a larger role later on. The show continues to move toward a full out war with the Dothraki, and showing the dragon skull hints that we might get to see one later. Lastly, I have a feeling that this is not the last time we see Eddard and Jamie fight each other.

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