Diagnosis:Film-Weekend of April 15

Diagnosis:Film-Weekend of April 15

Kind of a slow weekend for film. If you had planned on catching up with older releases, now would be the perfect time to do so. Not much here that you couldn’t wait for rental to see, and the tent pole releases this weekend certainly aren’t worth the $13 ticket price. But if you do plan on seeing anything from this list, let us know what you think. I am curious to hear what other people have to say about The Conspirator and if there’s any bit of witticism left in the tired Scream series.

Films after the jump.

The Conspirator (2011)THE CONSPIRATOR

Directed By: Robert Redford
Written By: James D. Solomon
Starring: Robin Wright, James McAvoy and Tom Wilkinson
Release Date: April 15, 2011 (707 screens)
Synopsis: Mary Surratt is the lone female charged as a co-conspirator in the assassination trial of Abraham Lincoln. As the whole nation turns against her, she is forced to rely on her reluctant lawyer to uncover the truth and save her life.

Thoughts: The trailer has grown on me some now that I’ve seen it a few times. And it’s got a lot of actors/actresses in it that I’m usually generally interested in watching.

Diagnosis: Netflix Instant.

Rio (2011)RIO

Directed By: Carlos Saldanha
Written By: Don Rhymer
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway and George Lopez
Release Date: April 15, 2011 (3,800 screens)
Synopsis: When Blu, a domesticated macaw from small-town Minnesota, meets the fiercely independent Jewel, he takes off on an adventure to Rio de Janeiro with this bird of his dreams.

Thoughts: Nope. This looks pretty stupid.

Diagnosis: Pass.

Scream 4 (2011)SCRE4M

Directed By: Wes Craven
Written By: Kevin Williamson
Starring: Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette
Release Date: April 15, 2011 (3,300 screens)
Synopsis: Ten years have passed, and Sidney Prescott, who has put herself back together thanks in part to her writing, is visited by the Ghostface Killer.

Thoughts: Same shit, different movie.

Diagnosis: Pass.

Armadillo (2011)ARMADILLO

Directed By: Janus Metz Pedersen
Written By: Kasper Torsting (idea)
Release Date: April 15, 2011 (1 screen)
Synopsis: In February 2009 a group of Danish soldiers accompanied by documentary filmmaker Janus Metz arrived at Armadillo, an army base in the southern Afghan province of Helmand. Metz and cameraman Lars Skree spent six months following the lives of young soldiers situated less than a kilometer away from Taliban positions. The outcome of their work is a gripping and highly authentic war drama that was justly awarded the Grand Prix de la Semaine de la Critique at this year’s Cannes film festival. But it also provoked furious debate in Denmark concerning the controversial behavior of certain Danish soldiers during a shootout with Taliban fighters. The filmmakers repeatedly risked their lives shooting this tense, brilliantly edited, and visually sophisticated probe into the psychology of young men in the midst of a senseless war whose victims are primarily local villagers. Yet more disturbing than scenes in which Taliban bullets whiz past their cameras is the footage of the young soldiers as each tries, in his own way, to come to terms with putting his life constantly on the line.

Thoughts: This looks like it’s really well done, but I’m not really all that interested in seeing it.

Diagnosis: Pass.

Atlas Shrugged: Part I (2011)ATLAS SHRUGGED: PART 1

Directed By: Paul Johansson
Written By: John Aglialoro
Starring: Taylor Schilling, Paul Johansson and Michael O’Keefe
Release Date: April 15, 2011 (299 screens)
Synopsis: A powerful railroad executive, Dagny Taggart, struggles to keep her business alive while society is crumbling around her. Based on the 1957 novel by Ayn Rand.

Thoughts: I’ve not read the source material, so this trailer does absolutely nothing for me.

Diagnosis: Pass.

Double Hour (2011)THE DOUBLE HOUR

Directed By: Giuseppe Capotondi
Written By: Alessandro Fabbri, Ludovica Rampoldi
Starring: Kseniya Rappoport, Filippo Timi and Antonia Truppo
Release Date: April 15, 2011
Synopsis: A spark between a newly-met couple is snuffed out tragically.

Thoughts: Admittedly, the trailer kind of sparked my interest.

Diagnosis: Netflix Instant.

Dumbstruck (2010)DUMBSTRUCK

Directed By: Mark Goffman
Written By:
Starring: Bob Ashman, Maria Ashman and Robert J. Ashman
Release Date: April 15, 2011 (1 screen)
Synopsis: At the annual Vent Haven Convention in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky, ventriloquism capital of the world, director Mark Goffman discovers five extraordinary characters straight out of a Christopher Guest mockumentary. But in this delightful, it’s-all-true documentary, the characters are real, and so are the emotional attachments that they have with their “dummies.”

Thoughts: Looks like it might be a good rental.

Diagnosis: Netflix Instant.

The Princess of Montpensier (2011)THE PRINCESS OF MONTPENSIER

Directed By: Bertrand Tavernier
Written By: Jean Cosmos
Starring: Mélanie Thierry, Lambert Wilson and Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet
Release Date: April 15, 2011 (3 screens)
Synopsis: Bertrand Tavernier is in top form with this gripping, superbly mounted drama set against the savage Catholic/Protestant wars that ripped France apart in the 16th century. Based on a novella by the celebrated Madame de Lafayette, the action centers on the love of Marie de Mezières for her dashing cousin Henri de Guise, thwarted when her father’s political ambitions force her into marriage with the well-connected Philippe de Montpensier, who she has never met. When Philippe is called away to fight, she is left in the care of Count Chabannes, an aging nobleman with a disdain for warfare, and soon becomes exposed to the sexual and political intrigues of court

Thoughts: Steamy romance, lavish costumes and some swordplay. This could be an interesting watch. Wasn’t too particularly taken by the trailer when I first saw it, but it’s grown on me with repeat viewings. Might see how the reviews favor this one.

Diagnosis: Curious to see.

A Screaming Man (2010)A SCREAMING MAN

Directed By: Mahamat-Saleh Haroun
Written By: Mahamat-Saleh Haroun
Starring: Youssouf Djaoro, Dioucounda Koma and Emile Abossolo M’bo
Release Date: April 13, 2011 (1 screens)
Synopsis: Present-day Chad. Adam, sixty something, a former swimming champion, is pool attendant at a smart N’Djamena hotel. When the hotel gets taken over by new Chinese owners, he is forced to give up his job to his son Abdel. Terribly resentful, he feels socially humiliated. The country is in the throes of a civil war. Rebel forces are attacking the government. The authorities demand that the population contribute to the “war effort”, giving money or volunteers old enough to fight off the assailants. The District Chief constantly harasses Adam for his contribution. But Adam is penniless; he only has his son….

Thoughts: It’s already out on one screen, and looks kind of interesting. Like with the previous film, I’d probably read the reviews on it first to see.

Diagnosis: Netflix Instant.

The Tenant (2010)THE TENANT

Directed By: Ric La Monte
Written By: Ric La Monte
Starring: J. LaRose, Michael Berryman and Bill Cobbs
Release Date: April 15, 2011
Synopsis: A simple man, Dr. Walter Newman, has high aspirations to cure all disease through genetic manipulation. His obsession with his mission draws him deeper into his own dark world, distracting him from his wife Olivia and from his responsibilities to his patients at the Edgewood Asylum. The doctors loyal but diabolical nurse, Ms. Tinsley, decides to take matters into her own hands and in secret she conducts her own experiment. When Dr. Newman realizes what has been done, a deformed creature that defies nature is created. Part human, part nightmare. Dr. Newman knows what he must do, but is it already too late?

Thoughts: Oh ok.

Diagnosis: Pass.