More Dog Devils


According to Animenation, this fall will see the premier of a second Inu Yasha TV series. This second series will pick up where the first one ended and continue until it reaches the conclusion of the manga.

This is interesting because it is the first Rumiko Takahashi series to receive this treatment. Sure, Ranma 1/2 got two series too, but the two series were separated by only a couple months. Inu Yasha has been off the air since 2004, which puts a big ol’ five year gap in.

Of course, this asks why bother with more Inu Yasha? Takahashi’s new series Rin-Ne is simply too young to have a TV series already. Unless of course you want 4 episodes follows by 30 filler episodes. I don’t.

Personally, I could do without more Inu Yasha. Out of all the Takahashi series, I like it the least. As in, I don’t like it at all. In my opinion, her work has steadily gone downhill, and she will never be able to recreate something as amazing as Urusei Yatsura, or as beautiful as Maison Ikkoku.  Even Ranma 1/2, which continuously created idiotic scenarios for the sake of humor, had charm and fun characters. Inu Yasha is an action series that happens to have some BS high school love drama crap. It just doesn’t fit. Plus, all the characters are annoying.

Ah well, at least Naraku is kinda cool.