The Title Made Me Happy, But Then I Read the Article

From Dark Horizons:

Verbinski has informed ‘Pirates’ producer Jerry Bruckheimer of the news [that he won’t be directing Pirates 4], and instead will focus on other projects. Chief amongst these is the Universal Pictures adaptation of the bestselling video game “Bioshock” which John Logan scripted as is expected to Verbinski’s next feature.

My heart went all afflutter when I read the news that Gore wasn’t going to be doing any more “Pirates” films. Considering how dumb the third film was (I mean C’MON people!! Jack Sparrow, the enigma of the seven seas, has a FREAKIN’ DADDY?!?!?!) this bit of news brought endless joy to me. That is, until I continued reading the post and found out that they were still doing a fourth “Pirates” film, just without the esteemed director.

What the fuck, Bruck?! If the director who made this series popular is leaving to make a video game movie, there’s a good chance that he sees that the series doesn’t have much more steam left and is jumping ship (har har, me hearties, a pun!). Feel free to disagree in the comments.