A Venom Movie, If Anyone Cares

Dark Horizons reports that scribes are beginning to work on a script for a new spinoff to the Spider-Man movie starring everyone’s favorite villain: Venom. Whoop-dee-doo Basil, but what does it all mean?

“Zombieland” scribes Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese are already at work on the script but are sworn to secrecy on the details – “We’re under strict orders on Venom. We can’t talk about it. It’s just super secret” said the pair during a press interview. The pair claim they “certainly know the mythology of Venom, but went back and learned more when it became clear that we could actually get this job.”

In other words, we’re in for a shit-storm. I’d probably feel different if the third Spider-Man weren’t so horrible..